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Edge Distributing is an order fulfillment company that provides shipping services to you at no cost.


No matter the size of your company, you probably receive many requests from consumers anxious to purchase your products but cannot find or get to them locally, or small retail customers whose orders are below your minimum shipping requirements.  For example, do either of these scenarios sound familiar?


  • Mrs. Baker from Solomon, Kansas calls your Customer Service Department.  She loves your product but can't find it at her local grocery or drug store.  Can she by a couple pieces from you?
  • The Owner/Manager of Town Square Pharmacy calls.  He knows he can sell your product, but he only needs a case or two - far below your minimum shipment requirement.
  • Customers want to buy your products online, but you are not set up to fulfill orders, nor do you want to upset your current brick and mortar retailers who do not want to see your items "all over" the internet.  Furthermore, you want to maintain suggested business and retail price points.


These requests are important to you, but fulfilling them is time-consuming and, most likely, unprofitable to your company.  Often these opportunities for additional business – and building goodwill for your brand – are turned away.  And if your philosophy is that every customer counts (along with every dollar) -- why lose any sales?




Edge is not a distributor who is out there calling on accounts.  We partner with you, working ONLY through your referrals – whether it’s from a web site or customers that call your company.  And again, our service costs you nothing.   Here’s why --


When Edge Distributing becomes your “consumer/small accounts” shipping department, we buy the product and resell it to the consumer or small account at a competitive price.  That’s how we make our money – on the resale. We become your “controllable customer.”  By letting us ship these small orders, you save the added expenses involved in doing it yourself (customer service labor, phone charges, credit card fees, shipping supplies, UPS or small carrier freight, etc.), resulting in a more profitable sale.  It’s also important to note that we are not looking to take business from your retail accounts (referrals should always be made there first).  We simply want to be an option to your customers to insure they can get your product and be satisfied.


Let Edge work for YOU!  Contact Kit Nicholson (kit.nicholson@edgedistributing.com) or Bruce Funk (bruce.funk@edgedistributing.com) for more information.